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Benefits of RBA Membership

Top Ten reasons to join the Riverport Business Association?

  1. Provides a forum for addressing our business community needs and concerns.
  2. Provides a community-wide voice to enhance our relationship with government and public agencies to maximize available services.
  3. Provides a distinctive identity for our area as we work together to increase commercial activity and growth.
  4. Provides and nurtures physical improvements that help set apart the Riverport area from other business parks.
  5. Provides the development of marketing and promotional activities for the overall welfare of our business community.
  6. Provides proactive monthly meetings and events to enhance our vast network of members and prospective members.
  7. Provides a member platform of involvement through the cooperative efforts of our working committees.
  8. Provides opportunities to expand corporate branding through an array of sponsorships.
  9. Provides members and prospective members with networking opportunities to create an awareness of products and services.
  10. Provides for effective communication and visibility through the use of our user friendly website.

Officers Serving on Board

President - Jenny Fox - E-Mail - serving in this role since 2015

Vice-President - Jamie Wiehebrink - E-Mail - serving in this role since 2013

Treasurer - Angie Keeling - E-Mail - serving in this role since 2019

Secretary - Susan Herbig - E-Mail - serving in this role since 2015



Committees Where You Can Get Involved

Beautification Committee
(Brenda Christy) - E-Mail
 - takes an active leadership role to enhance our community and improve our neighborhood.

Safety Committee
(Josh Straight) - E-Mail
 - is responsible for a strong police presence and secure work environment. 

Education Committee
(Kristin Wingfeld) - E-Mail
 - the purpose of the RBA Education Committee is to bring Resident and Associate members together to explore ways to become engaged in Jefferson County Public Schools . Engagement may come through mentoring, guest speakers, job shadowing, or many other invaluable opportunities. 

Membership Committee
(Emily Fox) - E-Mail
 - is responsible for recruiting and retaining our members.

Social Events Committee
(Lloyd Thomas) - E-Mail
- responsible for all meeting venues, speakers, topics, food service and member administration. Our committee also directs and coordinates our annual events and insures member welfare.

Engagement Committee
(Sarah Gaither & Traci Johnson) - E-Mail 
 - the purpose of the RBA Engagement Committee is to bring Resident and Associate members together in a cooperative effort for total involvement and the sharing of ideas, news and social events. The lifeblood of the RBA is its members and our effective functioning committees.

Human Resources Committee
(Jennifer Wisdom) - E-Mail
 - promotes the involvement of your HR professionals in the RBA, connect and guide members to a solution with an HR related question, listen to inquiries for needed training and development and determine if or how we may be able to assist, and maintain a recruitment page on the website for available use to RBA members.

Facilities Committee
(Open) - E-Mail
 - the purpose of the RBA Facilities Committee is to create the opportunity for all Facility Managers in Riverport to come together every 8 weeks and build relationships within the Riverport network, discuss best practices to improve business efficiency, and discover the available resources so we can all benefit from our involvement within this community.

Transportation Committee (Troy Heaverin) - E-Mail  - this committee works with TARC to facilitate prime time arrivals and departures for workers throughout the Riverport business community. It also assists Riverport businesses with parking concerns during peak times of the year. A Riverport business survey is taken each year to best determine peak transportation needs via TARC. This information is shared with TARC officials to yield the best possible bus service to and from Riverport. TARC bus shelters are also an item of our concern.

Website Committee
(Benjamin Hill) - E-Mail

 - the purpose of the website committee is to help promote and support events and activities of the RBA through continual development of the website, and other internet-based methods of connecting to businesses and keeping them informed of events and opportunities in the Riverport area.


For more information, use the 'contact us' link at the top of the page and e-mail the committee that you wish to connect with.


Address: PO Box 58010 - Louisville, KY 40268     Email: Click Here to Send E-Mail

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